Second opinion?

Some people going through a separation can resolve their issues amicably and without the help of a family lawyer. Some try this path, but find the issues and emotions become too complex and intertwined. Others seek and follow the advice of a lawyer, only to find the lawyer is not a specialist in family law.

Perhaps your situation is just not resolving in the way you had intended or you are already involved in litigation in which you have lost control.

If you can relate to these problems, you may need specialist family law advice or a professional second opinion.

With knowledge of the law and the practical know-how to apply it, your Jones Mitchell family lawyer will work with you to identify the most appropriate approach to resolve your differences quickly – whether it is negotiation or specific alternate dispute resolution approaches such as mediationarbitration, or early neutral evaluation; or in suitable cases a collaborative law approach. If you are already involved in litigation, Jones Mitchell Lawyers will draw on our extensive litigation experience and resources  to gain control and resolve your situation quickly and effectively.

We will listen to your individual situation, and no matter how straight forward or complex,  navigate you through the maze of legal requirements of property settlements and financial agreementschild support agreementsparenting orders, consent orders and divorce applications.

Case study – Brad, 39, wants another opinion

Brad separated from his partner of eight years, Tristan. When they separated six months ago, he met with a lawyer about dividing their assets. Since then, they have been trying work through the separation themselves. Although they both want to be fair to each other, they have accumulated a reasonable pool of assets and dividing it has become too complex.

In an attempt to resolve their differences, Tristan had been to see a lawyer. Brad again met with his lawyer, but realised that his lawyer does not specialise in family law. They have recommended a far more aggressive approach which Brad is not comfortable with. He realised he needed a second opinion.

He was recommended to Jones Mitchell through a work colleague. Immediately, their collaborative law approach put Brad at ease. After listening to Brad, his situation, and what was at stake, Jones Mitchell was able to discuss some alternative dispute resolution approaches that suited Brad and was far more appealing to Tristan and his lawyer. Jones Mitchell was able to easily obtain information from Brad’s previous lawyer. Both Brad and Tristan were able to settle quickly and amicably.

If you have seen another lawyer and would like another legal option or have been trying to sort out your differences yourself,  visit our FAQs or contact us to speak with one of our experienced Jones Mitchell family lawyers.


Please note: Although this case study is based on a potentially real situation, it is hypothetical and is for illustrative purposes only. Every family law situation is unique. Consequently, our family law advice is tailored to each situation and individual outcomes will vary.