Our vision

When Jones Mitchell Lawyers began in 1990, Warwick (Rick) Jones's goal was to create a law firm that was a genuine 'centre of excellence' in the practice of matrimonial, family and relationship law.

To create this ‘centre of excellence’, the firm embraced and mastered these seven pillars of our vision.

1. Specialise in family and relationship law

Jones Mitchell Lawyers was the first firm to specialise in family law in Australia. Today, the firm continues to lead the way as the largest specialist family law firm in Queensland and one of the largest in Australia.

2. Offer a unique experience to clients

Working with the best family lawyers,  you receive a unique experience. Jones Mitchell Lawyers offer you:

  • prompt, confident, accurate and cost-effective legal advice
  • solutions that minimise conflict and avoid court where possible
  • personal and compassionate service
  • respect always to protect your and your family’s dignity
  • first and foremost a ‘peacemaker’ solution, but can draw on litigation skills and resources that will match any family law firm in Australia or overseas to resolve your case.

3. Offer an appealing firm culture to staff

Jones Mitchell Lawyers’ firm culture offers staff:

  • a healthy work-life balance with flexible arrangements including parental leave entitlements
  • the epitomy of team work and support
  • the opportunity to work on some of the most complex and interesting family law cases in Australia
  • an environment that celebrates success and generates pride
  • an ‘open door’ policy to colleagues, senior lawyers and partners
  • access to the most up-to-date technology and modern impressive offices
  • an expansive mentoring program through team meetings, regular reviews and and informal feedback
  • financial support for ongoing personal and professional development
  • memberships to all law associations and other relevant professional organisations
  • the freedom to develop your own professional reputation

4. Establish relationships with and earn respect from other professionals

Jones Mitchell Lawyers is the choice referral by many professionals – relationship counsellors, psychologists, doctors, valuers, accountants, financial planners, and of course other lawyers – and is often referred to as ‘the lawyer’s lawyer’.

Since 1990, the firm has built strong relationships with these professionals as well as professional colleagues in the courts, universities, and national and international law societies and associations to enhance our practice and provide the best service to clients.

5. Be an international practice

In this global world, chances are high that there are international aspects to many marriages and relationships. Couples often have different citizenship, were married overseas, have property and assets overseas or already have some overseas orders or marriage contracts. Sometimes, one party may wish to relocate overseas with children or need to register Australian orders in other countries.

To run a complete family law practice and to profess to be a centre of excellence in the modern era, Jones Mitchell Lawyers has developed a worldly knowledge, international networking and experience in dealing with such international issues.

6. Share knowledge and resources

Jones Mitchell Lawyers is recognised as a firm that willingly shares knowledge and resources with professional colleagues. We always genuinely requests and provides assistance to other lawyers – both family and non-family lawyers.

We have a wealth of experience and resources that are unmatched by other firms and our willingness to contribute, share and assist colleague when in need is simply ‘the right thing to do’.

7. Add value to the law profession

In our day-to-day practice to provide clients with prompt, accurate and cost-effective advice, all Jones Mitchell family lawyers are guided by the firm’s mission statement:

Above all be kind
Guide your client with wisdom and warmth
Guard their dignity; treasure their uniqueness;
And know well the worth of each and every one.

With this mission, we recruit, train, and motivate lawyers to aspire to be the best family lawyers.