Our contribution

Since the firm began in 1990, Jones Mitchell Lawyers has worked continuously to earn its reputation as a genuine 'centre of excellence' in family and relationship law.

As the largest family law practice in Queensland and one of the largest in Australia, we accept that with size comes responsibility to contribute to the ongoing development of the law in which we specialise.

As a part of this ‘centre of excellence’, Jones Mitchell Lawyers has and continues to contribute to the profession in a number of ways:

1. Family law resources to other lawyers 
Jones Mitchell Lawyers always genuinely provides assistance to other lawyers – both family and non-family lawyers. We have a wealth of experience and resources unmatched by other firms and our willingness to share and assist colleague when in need is simply ‘the right thing to do’.

2. Staff professional development

The firm is also extremely committed to ongoing staff professional development and the development of family law students. Jones Mitchell Lawyers offers Bond University an in-house subject in family law. This is practical training for students interested in pursuing careers in family law. Jones Mitchell partners and senior lawyers volunteer their time to supervise these students who undertake the subject. Some senior lawyers also coach the Bond University’s team in the National Family Law Mooting Competition.

3. Developing the family law profession 

Jones Mitchell Lawyers has always been at the forefront of developing family law in Australia. Throughout our history, our partners and senior staff have given tirelessly to developing the profession particularly in alternate dispute resolution approaches such as mediation, arbitration, and early neutral evaluation as well as collaborative law.

4. Leading the family law industry 

The firm’s senior family lawyers are regularly invited to present at family law seminars and conferences. They also hold executive positions on family law associations and family court committees.