Parenting plans

A parenting plan is a written, signed and dated agreement between parents (and other carers such as grandparents, if involved) that sets out the care (or custody) arrangements for the children.

Parenting plans are not legally enforceable. However, if the case goes to court at a later date to make a parenting order later, your latest parenting plan will be considered. You can also make your parenting plan into a consent order.

Jones Mitchell’s family lawyers are highly experienced in helping clients who are making complex and sensitive decisions around what arrangements need to be made for the care of their children after separation.

Our lawyers have an extremely high degree of expertise and understanding to help parents develop parenting plans, as well as familiarity with court requirements. This expertise allows us to advise you effectively to ensure your parenting issues can be resolved quickly and in the best interests of your children.

For more information about parenting plans, visit our parenting arrangements FAQs or contact us to speak with one of our experienced Jones Mitchell family lawyers.