Consent orders

A consent order is an order that a separated couple together ask the court to make that formally reflects the agreement which the couple have reached about how their financial or parenting issues are to be dealt with.

The consent order formalises the agreement made through their lawyers’ negotiation.

In family law, there are two types of consent orders:

  • parenting orders deal with parenting (custody)  and other arrangements for children.
  • financial orders deal with the division of property and other financial matters.

Once approved, consent orders have the same legal standing as any other order of the court.  In applying for a consent order, you must show the court that the financial order is proper, just and equitable or the parenting order is in the children’s best interest under the Family Law Act.

Consent orders are extremely difficult to change once they have been made so you must ensure you get accurate legal advice.

Jones Mitchell Lawyers have a thorough knowledge of the Family Law Act and extensive experience in working with the courts to ensure your parenting and financial agreements are approved and become consent orders if necessary.

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