Complex family law cases

Although every family law case is unique, some are particularly large and difficult, making them extremely complex.

Jones Mitchell Lawyers has extensive experience and demonstrated professionalism in working with clients who find themselves in these complex family law situations.

Some cases are complex because of the assets and corporate structures involved. Some clients have extremely large asset pools, sometimes worth hundreds of millions of dollars including assets and businesses spread across the world. Others are complex because of the intricate corporate and trust structures which have been established over generations of family wealth. Others are complex because of the business structures and interests of third parties and creditors.

Other cases handled by Jones Mitchell Lawyers are complex because of the different issues at stake. Interstate relocation cases and international parenting cases, particularly those involving the Hague Convention, are inherently complex and require the skills of a specialist family lawyer.

Other cases are complex because of the individuals involved. Many TV and media personalities, politicians, and high-profile sports and business people are attracted to Jones Mitchell Lawyer’s reputation for resolving complex disputes privately, confidentially and out of court using a full range of alternate dispute resolution approaches.

All Jones Mitchell family lawyers have the commitment, professionalism, experience and resources to draw on to handle the most complex family law cases in Australia.

For more information about complex cases, contact us to speak with one of our experienced Jones Mitchell partners.