Child support agreements and arrangements

Child support agreements are not as common as they used to be as all separating couples with children must go through the Child Support Agency (CSA) to assess how much ongoing child support needs to be paid.

Some separating couples, however, prepare their own child support agreement in conjunction with their financial agreement. These can include lump-sum payments and are not subject to the amount payable from the CSA assessment.

Like financial agreements, once-signed, these agreements are legally-binding and cannot change unless both parties agree. Neither party can ask the Family Court to change the payment if your circumstances change. Each person needs to have their own lawyer when preparing a child support agreement.

Jones Mitchell’s family lawyers are experts in negotiating and preparing child support agreements. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of family law and the needs of separating couples and children.

For more information about child support agreements, visit our child support agreements FAQs or contact us to speak with one of our experienced Jones Mitchell family lawyers.