Our Services

Jones Mitchell Lawyers provides clients with a complete range of legal services in family law.

The largest firm in Queensland practising exclusively in family and relationship law – including de facto and same sex relationships – and one of the largest family law firms in Australia, Jones Mitchell has the expertise to handle cases in every aspect of family law – particularly the most difficult and complex cases including international cases.

Whether you are separating, getting a divorce, entering a new relationship, have a complex parenting dispute, or have a large scale or international property or parenting dispute, Jones Mitchell Lawyers will:

  • listen to your story
  • identify your needs and
  • provide you with clear and accurate advice.

These steps will guide you through the process to ultimately save money and time and help you confidently move on with your life.

Skilled at and committed to resolving differences quickly and out of court if possible, we offer clients a range of dispute resolution approaches such as mediation, arbitrationearly neutral evaluation and collaborative law . If it becomes necessary to go to court, our litigation resources and expertise will match any specialist firm in Australia.

In providing this specialist service, we prepare the following for our clients: