Defined as the process of communication between parties to reach an agreement, negotiation is the fundamental and everyday approach that Jones Mitchell Lawyers takes to amicably resolve family law conflict.

In family law, lawyers generally negotiate with the other party’s lawyer without the client. They negotiate by telephone, writing letters and emails, exchanging relevant information, and occasional round table meetings. Clients then meet privately with their lawyers through this process and the lawyers keep the client informed of the negotiations.

Generally, most family law dispute resolution starts with negotiation. Negotiation is also a preferable approach for separating couples who are not comfortable to sit in the same room as their respective partner to negotiate a settlement. This process may also be desirable when there has been a history of domestic violence or when there are significant power imbalances between the couple.

Some cases are certainly resolved this way. However, many cases require more active approaches such as mediation, arbitration, and early neutral evaluation, or litigation.

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