Our Approach

Separation and divorce is a time of change and emotional upheaval. Couples need to work out plans for the care of the children as well as divide assets and property and make ongoing financial arrangements.

You may also need to negotiate international assets or the possibility of moving interstate or overseas.

These plans – no matter how straight-forward or complex – can often cause conflict which is frightening and stressful. The approach you choose to resolve this conflict has a major influence over your and your family’s ability to adjust and your ultimate result. To improve your result, you must choose the most effective and suitable approach.

Jones Mitchell Lawyers understands this and helps clients work out the best approach to resolve your conflict. Our specialist family lawyers help you choose the most pragmatic approach understanding our primary role as a ‘peacemaker’ and being the ‘warrior’ only if absolutely necessary.

We also recommend you see a psychologist or relationship counsellor if necessary to help you better deal with the emotional conflict and better communicate to resolve the problems.

Jones Mitchell Lawyers uses the most appropriate approach for each case to resolve differences:

At the forefront of alternate dispute resolution in Australia, senior partner Warwick (Rick) Jones was one of the first lawyers to be trained in mediation in 1990 and was a pioneer of collaborative law in Australia.

Although we avoid court proceedings where possible, Jones Mitchell family lawyers are among the most experienced family lawyers in litigation matching any firm in Australia. Our specialist family lawyers, litigators, and barristers will confidently guide you through this process if necessary.

Jones Mitchell Lawyers will provide you with advice that will empower you to make an informed decision on the right approach to suit you, your circumstances, and the way you manage differences.