Q & A with Ailsa Day

Lawyer, Ailsa Day

Ailsa Day has been servicing family law clients at Jones Mitchell Lawyers for over 8 years. Ailsa’s client care philosophy is, “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” Ailsa shares below what she enjoys about Family Law and her goals for her clients.

What do you enjoy about Family Law?

I particularly enjoy the types of family law matters we handle at Jones Mitchell Lawyers.  We are fortunate in that many of our cases are quite complex and cover a number of areas of law, for example; complex financial settlements involving companies and trusts. I also enjoy matters where we help people with urgent child recovery or parenting relocation matters, matters where the impact of a decision/resolution is at its highest.

I’m quite passionate about my work and being able to use my legal training to help people who find themselves in a complicated and unfamiliar situation.

What are your goals for your clients?

One of my goals is to shine a light for clients and help them navigate through a dark and difficult time in their lives. It is also important that I understand what my client’s goals are and what their expectation is of an outcome.  One of my goals is to help them achieve their desired outcome. If I can make a situation easier for my clients emotionally or otherwise assist them with their desired outcome, then I have achieved my goal.

How do you like to work with your clients?

I like to have a hands-on approach with my clients through phone conversations and face-to-face meetings rather than conversing just through email.  My view is that it is generally a lot quicker to resolve an issue that has arisen in their matter or reach a decision by speaking with a client about that aspect rather than through emails.  Clients seem to appreciate the fact that I am available to speak with them by telephone so that they too can feel heard. I find it is also a lot easier to ensure clients understand a process and that I understand the basis of my client’s instructions by picking up the phone. Having a conversation rather

than an email exchange also helps me to get to know my clients and foster a good working relationship. Of course, I still utilise emails a lot too as it is important to ensure that I have correctly understood their instructions.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Life outside of work is also very busy as I have a husband and two young children.  Like most working Mum’s, I cherish my time with them and am continually striving to achieve the perfect work/life balance.

While my busy life does not leave much time for pleasure, I still I enjoy travelling to new places, exercising, cooking and baking, catching up with family and friends and reading (when I get the time!

What does the future in Family Law hold for you?

I intend to pursue my specialist accreditation in Family law at the next intake session which I understand is in about 18 months’ time. I otherwise intend to continue doing what I love; that is working in Family Law to assist my clients through a difficult time in their lives.

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