Q & A with Senior Associate, Damira Hidic

Damira Hidic

Senior Associate, Damira Hidic

Jones Mitchell Lawyers are proud to welcome new Senior Associate, Damira Hidic, to our team.  Damira is an Accredited Family Law Specialist and a Collaboratively Trained Family Lawyer, recommended by the peer-rated, international Doyles’ Guide for her expertise and abilities as a family and divorce lawyer on the Gold Coast.

Damira has shared below what she is looking forward to in joining the team at Jones Mitchell Lawyers, why she enjoys Family Law and how she likes to work with her Clients.

What are you looking forward to in joining the team at Jones Mitchell?

I’m looking forward to working with a great team at Jones Mitchell, given the amount of experience of the people within firm and the reputation the firm enjoys.  I’m also looking forward to assisting the clients, existing and new, with their family law matters, getting to know them and providing them with the best service possible to meets their needs.

What do you enjoy about Family Law?

I really enjoy the variety within Family Law. At Jones Mitchell Lawyers, I specialise in complex property and parenting related family law matters.  My experience includes international family law cases which provided me with the opportunity to work within other legal jurisdictions and see how Family Law is applied in other countries which is interesting.  It’s a very stimulating challenge to formalise agreements that involve international assets and trust structures.  Working with cases that involve the relocation of children both interstate and internationally is also very satisfying.

 What is your goal for Clients?

My goal with all Clients is to tailor a legal solution to meet their specific needs and requirements rather than trying to fit a traditional legal solution to their situation.  As a Collaboratively trained family lawyer, I will always try to resolve family law matters outside of the Court Room where possible.  Collaborative Law allows the unique concerns or wishes of clients to be addressed in a way that often can’t be addressed in a Court Room setting.  I want Clients to feel empowered with options for resolving their family law matter with an outcome that addresses the client’s needs and interests.

How do you like to work with clients?

I like to get to know my clients and understand their motivations, why they want what they want, so we can work together to determine what is relevant for them. From there, we can build a strategy to deliver a result, within the Law, that meets the interests and the needs of the Client.

Learn more about Jones Mitchell Lawyers’ Senior Associate, Damira Hidic.

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